Reflecting Your Business

Main street USA

Reflections Consulting Group aims to deliver complete turnkey online presence: from domain registration and hosting to website design to social media.

Small businesses are the heart of the community. They are the places we go to on a daily basis, run by our neighbors and friends. But so often they're ignored by larger web development companies. We understand the unique needs of small business owners and use that understanding to meet and anticipate your business's unique requirements.

Small business can benefit from our brand design and development consulting, creating a logo, image, tagline, and/or color theme that is instantly recognizable.

Branding: it's not just for huge corporations anymore. Your brand is not only the logo you've designed for your storefront or restaurant but a whole larger sphere of communication. From font style to color schemes and even to the types of images chosen for your site, we want every aspect to reflect and describe what you do and what products you offer.

RCG Design Philosophy

Our website design service is the cornerstone of our company, and it is our goal to deliver design that truly reflects the character, focus, and value of your product or service.

Our design is flexible and tailored to you. Whether you're looking for something clean and modern, elegant and classic, or edgy and direct, we will create a look and feel that attracts customers and keeps them coming back to the site and you. Our foremost design goals are clear communication and straight forward site navigation.

Bridge over calm water

The design of our sites brings the content to the forefront, communicating what you want your clients to know about your business and services.

We want people to pay attention to you and your business. We strive for high impact but low distraction design, utilizing layout, navigation, color scheme, logos, and appropriately placed animation to highlight what is meaningful and unique about your brand and your business.