Meet Our Team

Richard Ceranek
Richard combines his work as a webmaster and designer with marketing experience. Skilled in both coding and visual design, he brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to every project.
Carolyn Schweitzer
Carolyn has over ten years of experience in multi-media and the visual design fields. She freelances as a copywriter and editor, contributing both visual and written communications to the team.
Tim Farrell
Tim is our executive sales manager. With decades of experience in sales and marketing behind him, he oversees the creation of new business and consults on brand growth, marketing, and client support.

Company Background

Chicago Sunset

Reflections Consulting Group is based in Chicago but fully willing and capable of serving clients across the United States.

We are proudly based in Chicago, but claim the entire world wide web as our home. Whether your company is headquartered in Delaware or Washington, Mississippi or Utah, we are prepared to give you the optimal service our local customers have come to expect.

Chicago bridge over river

Our company is growing rapidly with a goal of providing complete online, turnkey service to small business.

RCG is a small business, and we focus on small business support. We know your company is not only your livelihood, but also your passion, because our work is our passion too. The team members of RCG are driven to provide the best possible online solutions to small business owners because we believe the small business is the backbone of our community, online and off.