RCG Hosting Packages

RCG Starter*
Drive image
  • Disk Space: 500 MB
  • Bandwith: 10,000 MB
  • Email Accounts: 15; IMAP,POP3,Webmail
RCG Intermediate*

(Included with all new and redesign website)

  • Disk Space: 1,500 MB
  • Bandwith: 20,000 MB
  • Email Accounts: 25; IMAP,POP3,Webmail
RCG Advanced*
Three servers
  • Disk Space: 5,000 MB
  • Bandwith: 30,000 MB
  • Email Accounts: 50; IMAP,POP3,Webmail
Every hosting package includes: no hidden fees, no set-up or site migration fees, daily back-ups, user cPanel, Softaculous (one-click application install), MySQL and PostgresSQL databases, webmail, POP3/IMAP, email list, PHP, Perl, website statistics, cron jobs, Spam Assassin, SAS70 secure datacenter, and more.

Small Business Hosting

Server Rack

Reflections Consulting Group provides complete support for your small business's online needs, beginning with the most basic service: hosting your site.

Site hosting is included in all new website design and redesign packages, but if you already have a site, let us host it and deliver the kind of quality service and support you count on. We look at downtime as the same as having your shop doors closed for business, so we are devoted to 99% uptime.

Rear view server

From step one, RCG is prepared to provide everything needed to create, maintain, and expand your web presence.

Whatever your needs, when it comes to web hosting, we have a plan that is right for you at the right budget. Like every other service we offer, we're here to work with you to get you the exact solution for your business, up front and without any of the double talk. We include domain registration as a service for our customers: you pay what we pay.

Beware of website hosts that offer "unlimited" anything.

Host will often offer "unlimited" disk space, bandwidth, or email accounts when in fact they have only allocated so much to each client. RCG's hosting packages are based on the needs of the small business website. We offer hosting as a convenience to our clients, and invite small business owners to move their existing website to us so that we can provide them with personalized, honest service other hosts can't.