E-Commerce Websites

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Business websites can be either fully devoted to marketing your brand, or they can work for you as another venue: an online store.

Direct sales online is the fasting growing business segment in the world, and the market for goods and services available for sale through a website is still growing and there is room for more. If you are considering opening up your business to the greater public outside of your local area, then let Reflections Consulting Group manage your e-commerce through a shopping cart and client accounts.

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We offer interactive systems for making your job easier and bringing more clients to your door.

Integration of appointment request schedulers, calendars, and reservations systems are all ways to make your website work for you. As any small business person whose business works through appointments can tell you, more than half their time is spent co-ordinating and organizing various schedules. The use of applications integrated into the design of your site cuts that time down, giving you more time to work and play.


Shopping Cart
Online Stores
We can create an online store for your business using one of our popular storefront packages, giving you complete control over orders, product inventory, automatic re-ordering, and payment options, with shipping through UPS, FedEX, and USPS.
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Payment Integration Services
From Authorize.net to Paypal to YourPay, we can seamlessly integrate recognized payment gateways into your new or existing website, allowing your transactions to be completely online.
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Reservation Systems
For restaurants, we can integrate a reservation system such as OpenTable, bringing in more covers and a full restaurant.
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Appointment Request Schedulers
The appointment scheduler can give you more control over your schedule and allows your clients to make appointments at their convenience, even during off business hours.